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When to post on Instagram refers to knowing the best time for your posts to be seen by active followers because they are likely to be online. The period when you’re most likely to see comments and likes to your posts from an active audience, as well as connect with new followers.

Of course, every brand and business are unique so there will different patterns that certain audiences adopt that is suited to their followers, but generally speaking there are some practices we can all be mindful of when working on a social media strategy and exploring when to post on Instagram.

Instagram’s Algorithm

It can be difficult to establish when to post on Instagram. Instagram’s algorithm can make it hard for your audience to even see you posts if they don’t have enough comments or likes. We all want consistency with our accounts, whether a business, blogger, influencer or brand and this is where timing is everything.

What Are Your instagram Goals

Instagram’s algorithm will show a newer post higher up in its newsfeed. It’s worth taking some time to look at older posts, what was the response? Do you view previous campaigns as successful? You can learn a lot from this. If interaction was low, maybe your timing is off and your’e not connecting with the audience in a way you’d like to. Determine your goals first and what you’d like to achieve. There are no quick wins so it will take time for your brand to grow and reach the right audience.

When Is The Best time To Post On Instagram

Universally speaking, 11am on a Wednesday is the prime time to post on Instagram for strong engagement. Instagram users are most likely to be active in the middle of the week and during lunch. Think about your patterns on social media, when do you catch up with accounts your following and double tap? If you’re account is new this is the time to start posting, as you become more in tune with your audience you can tweak your schedule, but for the time being, try around this time, close to when people will be on their phones, ie, a lunch break.

And The Rest Of The Week

Posting around 11am in the week is a good rule of thumb. Instagram users interaction decreases rapidly after 11pm. On the weekends, 10am-1pm is the best time to post on Instagram, though Saturday is the second lowest day for interaction, with Sunday being the first, which is something to be aware of. Instagram engagement is the lowest of the week on Sunday.

When To Post On Instagram With A Story

Instagram stories actually get up to three times the engagement of normal posts so it makes sense to use them. Again you want to tap into the social habits of your audience and post stories again before the week day lunch break, or before (8am-9m), or just after work (5-7pm).

Be Aware Of Competitors

In order to learn the habits of your followers you should keep a close eye on when your competitors are posting. As a rule of thumb many businesses will post on the hour, so posting a few minutes either side should help you avoid the direction competition.


It can be a tough gig at first and when you aren’t quite getting the traction you’d hope for initially, it is sometimes easy to take your foot on the gas, don’t. The more consistent you post, the more your brand will grow, the more other accounts will get used to seeing you, enjoy your stories, grow an understanding and interact. Consistency grows trust and also helps establish credibility. Good luck.

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