WhatsApp Marketing: The Benefits

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There are a lot of impressive statistics surrounding WhatsApp. There are 2 billion active WhatsApp users worldwide and it’s the world’s most popular mobile messaging app. Over a hundred billion messages are sent through WhatsApp daily. And according to the app’s statistics, Android users spend 38 minutes per day using  it. So, for growing your business, it makes sense to incoporate some WhatsApp marketing.

It may well be something you haven’t thought about. You may not have even realise that using WhatsApp in this way is an option. In this article we look at its benefits and uses.

Customer Relationships

WhatsApp offers a direct line of communication between the customer and the organisation. Using this method offers two-way communication that is fast, effective, and instant. Queries answered in a flash, which is what we all want.  Additionally, it works naturally with how we use our smart phones and was originally designed to help smaller businesses. It provides a very effective way to connect with your customers and build your loyal customers base. It will also provide the opportunity to showcase visual content as part of your social media campaigns. You will need to download WhatsApp Business and fill in your business details before you get started. It’s a separate app to what you will use to communicate with friends and family.

Great Low Cost Options

WhatsApp marketing using this free app allows you also to create catalogues for your businesses products and services.  WhatsApp actually stands ahead of Facebook Messenger, its reach is huge. It’s also a very reliable service and widely available. You’ll also get a lot of options within the catalogue category, which is the app’s main feature for businesses. You can upload up to 500 products on the WhatsApp marketing app, with each item containing its own title, price, description, product code and website link. You’ll also be able to set up automated replies through the business app and keep track of the messaging statistics. All of which are very impressive features.

Increase Loyal Customers

You’re going to want to use WhatsApp for marketing purposes as well as a direct link for customer conversations and queries. You can help grow customers with the use of subscription forms. Use your social media channels to get customers to choose the channels of communication, with WhatsApp being an option for updates, promotions, general communication. Remember, you want to give potential customers a reason to subscribe so offer a discount, product promotion or a printable to entice. This will also help give your current customer base reason to share your content with their connections, which will help you. We all trust recommendations from our friends.

Good Practice

Once you are successfully using WhatsApp to communicate with your customers, whether for updates, queries, or promotions, it’s essential to remember that WhatsApp is a quick checking app that busy people will look at while on the move. Nobody is going to read long newsletters or text in WhatsApp. Think about how you use it. There is also nothing more irritating than being bombarded with messages you don’t want so be mindful of this. Opt for a few messages a week at the most and make sure you have something worthy to communicate so customers don’t unsubscribe.

Videos and pictures work great for WhatsApp marketing, as does the odd emoji here and there. Define your goal first with every campaign, send high quality content and be there to chat and respond quickly to your customers. It’s an instant messenger so people who sign up for communication in this way want exactly that. Make sure you set up automated responses during the times you can’t message back, telling customers when they will hear from you.

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