TikTok Marketing: The Benefits

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If you have a teenager in your life then chances are that you’ve heard of TikTok. Or, maybe you’ve seen and heard about it, but it’s new territory. TikTok is one of the fastest growing social media platforms out there, so it makes sense to pay some attention. Teenagers can’t get enough of its short videos, which are designed to entertain, be shared, and be totally addictive. With much of the content surrounding dance, music and plenty of filters.

Known for attracting a creative, younger audience, 43% of TikTok’s audience worldwide is between 18-24 years old. 32% are between the ages of 25-34.

The TikTok app has over 689 million monthly active users, currently making it more popular than Twitter and Pinterest. In terms of downloads, TikTok was the most downloaded app of 2021. With 656 million downloads, so building TikTok marketing into your social media campaigns makes a lot of sense. Here are a few of its benefits.


TikTok works differently from other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, where you need followers in order to be seen. You can actually have next to no followers, but if you create a video that resonates with your audience, then high engagement levels can be pretty instant. In addition to your individual settings, the algorithm considers hashtags you use, captions, sound, genre, and videos you interact and engage with and follow. Videos are discovered through the use of hashtags as well as the app’s natural algorithm. Hashtags #funny, #love and #cute are all top 10 hashtags.

Low Budget

TikTok videos do not require a big budget. Natural videos filmed in a regular setting are just as likely to go viral. You’ll see lots of content filmed in bedrooms, parks, gardens which makes it more relatable for the user. Any content that is viewed as popular and engaging can be added to the for you page (one of TikTok’s most popular hashtags). So, when using these hash tags, it’s fairly easy to be seen in comparison to other social media platforms. Users spend an average of 52 minutes per day on the app so the young audience is definitely there to tap into.

TikTok Channel

Just reiterating your brand and marketing message is not going to cut it on this platform. It’s a good idea to start a channel and play around with the types of video content you think could work to showcase both your brand and audience. TikTok is about connecting. Videos often have a funny or heart-warming element. Pets and animals are also popular. Use music that’s trending and lots of filters. There’s plenty to play around with. If your audience is a young audience then you’ll need to get involved with that and show your personality. Trending hashtags can help with content ideas so take time to explore what’s popular right now on the app. You can also click here to see what types of videos are getting millions of views.


The power of influencers on TikTok is absolutely phenomenal and influencer marketing is proved to provide a great customer base. TikTok influencers work with brands based on their understanding of features and trends. You can approach an influencer for collaboration if you are able to identify one. TikTok actually offers a platform called Creator Marketplace that can help find a match for this purpose.

Like any social media marketing, knowing your audience and their habits is key to be able to use the right platform at the right time to connect with your audience.   Age groups play an important part of this. If you are wanting to reach those over 35 years old, then TikTok marketing isn’t going to be the right choice for your campaign. If you are wanting to connect with a younger demographic then it will be. You just need to be willing to show some personality.

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