Sustainability Goals For Business Owners

Sustainability Goals For Business Owners

We all want to do our bit for the planet. Reducing our negative impact on global resources and what we take from this world is something we are all responsible for. As business owners, we can and probably should use our position to create sustainability goals within our organisation. Let’s look at things we can be doing and how to help protect our home through our business actions.

Go Renewable And Reduce Energy Consumption

Firstly, our sustainability goals should start with reducing the amount of energy we use. This includes switching things off and choosing to buy low energy using equipment. Whilst it might cost that little bit more, it will probably last longer and it’ll save you money on your energy bills too. Furthermore, the energy we are saving can be renewable. By choosing your supplier and opting for one that delivers renewable energy, you are going the extra mile to reduce your impact.

Use Sustainable Materials In Business

Secondly, different businesses do different things. This is what makes brands stand out in the market. With all of these businesses though, there are ways to use sustainable materials. It could be using them within the product itself, as part of the service you offer and right through into the packaging and office supplies. You could even make sure you host your website with a company with carbon offset procedures. If we all do a little, it adds up to a lot!

Team Up With Local Partners And Suppliers

Next on our list of sustainable goals is staying local. Where do you buy your business equipment from? Where is it made? How many miles does it take to get it to you? Ideally, these are things you should try to consider before you start your business. But if you didn’t, you should definitely do an audit.

When we team up with local partners and suppliers, we lower our carbon footprint. See if there is an alternative supplier closer to where you operate. An additional benefit of this is keeping the money you spend in your local area. Invest locally and help the environment at the same time.

Create Waste Reducing Solutions

Finally, what happens with the waste you create in the office? How can you create less of it, recycle more and make sure you direct any waste to the right places? Landfill isn’t good. Digging holes and filling them with rubbish is a bad thing for our planet. However, we can create energy from our waste. We can recycle certain materials to create new things. Furthermore, we can even sell or give unwanted things to companies who give them new life or use them in charitable organisations or with third world partners. If we do our bit to reduce our waste and make a conscious effort about where things go, we can make a real difference.

Set Goals Going Forward

Sustainability goals can be set now and then reassessed in a few months time. It is so easy to get swept along with national campaigns and have ideas which never really come to fruition. However if we set realistic sustainability goals we can measure our impact and see just what a great difference we are making.

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