Social Media Presence: Why It’s Important

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You probably spend a good deal of time on social media as part of your daily routine. Often, it is the first thing people check first thing. Or, when taking a break from work and have time to catch up with the world. As social media is all around us, all the time and it’s powerful. According to the Digital 2021: Global Overview report, there are currently 4.20 billion social media users worldwide (well over half the population). It makes sense that having a social media presence is key to growing a business. We look at some key benefits.

Brand Awareness

It’s one of those things you have to devote some time to at the beginning. There are no quick wins. Spending a few hours every few days growing your audience online will lay the groundwork for your social accounts to run with less effort in the future. Potential clients and customers who haven’t heard of your company or product will be able to find you on social media. By creating a social media presence, you can reach a much wider audience more quickly and at a relatively low cost. You and your business are bringing awareness to each other, which will have a positive impact on your business.

Builds Connections

Connecting and engaging with others through social media is constantly evolving and it’s about being present with your audience. Your followers will feel more welcomed and inspired to engage with you if they see who supports the business. Features such as stories, posts, reels and live videos can also help with customer reach and interest. When followers enjoy or give feedback about the content, creating and experimenting with new content can encourage engagement.

As an example, you could also create polls or ask questions on your Twitter or Facebook accounts in order to engage your followers. Make yourself available to answer questions, be friendly, and be reachable. Building an organic relationship with your customers, as well as building loyalty, requires this level of support. Loyal customers will recommend you to others. You’ll also be able to learn about your customers, the demographic and how they use the social media platform. This will also help with any future campaigns.

Possible Collaborations

Your brand and products or services will get more attention as you grow on social media. Having a big social media following can lead to collaborations with influencers whose followers talk about your brand. These relationships can bring more traffic to your website or social media platform.

The more people see that you’re real, the stronger your online presence will be. So, be consistent in posting, interacting, and engaging in conversations. Giveaways, competitions, and social media takeovers are all types of opportunities that can present themselves once the groundwork has been laid.

The Competition

As you connect with your audience through social media, you can keep an eye on similar accounts and businesses. Potential clients and customers who haven’t heard of your company or product will be able to find you on social media. It boosts visibility. A social media presence allows you to reach a larger audience quickly and inexpensively. In doing this, you build awareness for yourself and for your business, which in turn will increase the productivity of your company.

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