Powering Up Your Digital Marketing With Visuals

Digital Marketing Visuals

If you haven’t been paying enough attention to the visual aspects of your marketing, I want to review a few essentials that could help get you even more traffic and potential customers. Digital marketing visuals are an important piece of the jigsaw and you can’t afford to neglect them.

Supporting Digital Marketing Visuals

These days, a webpage doesn’t look complete without a supporting image to give the visitor an insight into what the content will be about.

Remember, every reader that clicks on your site will look at the headlines and the pictures. Based on what they see, 70% of them will read the first paragraph of the article, 50% the second, 30% the third and 10% the fourth. So you need to grab their attention right from the outset.

Curated Content

Content curation is all about sorting through large amounts of niche-related content and presenting the best posts in a meaningful and organised way. By curating content, you are offering readers more of what they are looking for.

Curating will make your own site visually appealing without having to create everything from scratch.

Sharing On Social Media

Almost all of the main social networks allow images. It’s just a case of which networks make the images more prominent that others. Pinterest, for example, is dominated by images that are pinned to a virtual pin board. Statistics show that the audience is around 75% female and 50% have bought something they saw on a board, at an average spend of around £45. If you’re looking to tap into this consumer demographic, then you need to start gathering your images.

Facebook encourage images; in fact, you must have an image to participate in their ad network. Twitter permits them as well, but remember, your tweet won’t be in feeds for long. You can’t afford to neglect Instagram either.

PowerPoint Presentations

Turn your PowerPoint presentations into shareable decks, jpgs and videos, all in minutes, with the program’s Save As feature. Upload your decks to SlideShare.net (now owned by LinkedIn) and see how it can boost your traffic.

Use the share buttons to spread the word and the embed code to show the slideshow at your own site.


YouTube is the third largest website in the world, which illustrates the importance of this medium.

Video is a golden marketing opportunity. If you’re camera shy, save your decks as videos and upload them to YouTube. Then use the embed code to show the videos on your site without having to worry about them taking up large amounts of storage space.

Add visuals to your digital marketing mix and see what a difference they can make to your traffic and profits.


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