Key Benefits Of A Four-Day Week

Benefits of a four-day week

Getting a work life balance is such an important part of living. When we are at work, we are often thinking about our home life. When we’re at home, the things we have to do at work can creep into your mind to distract you. Balance is key. One of the ways in which many people are trying to claw back some balance is with a four-day work week. Would this work for you? What do you think about that in terms of your current job? Let’s have a look at the benefits of a four-day week.

Cost Cutting

Cost cutting is a huge part of business and keeping companies afloat. When we find areas we can cut costs, we can use that money in other areas or departments. Having a staff that works four days rather than five means that you can close the office for an extra day. That means a lot less cash spent on bills, including heating, lighting and even phone calls. This reduction of running costs could play a significant role in the For staff, that means a day less to pay for commuting, whether fuel in the car and parking or cash for public transport. Fewer coffees to buy and less money spent on lunch are also benefits of a four-day week.

The Gift Of Time

If it takes an employee 90 minutes to commute into the office, that’s three hours of the day spent travelling. In a traditional working week that would be 15 hours. Over four days that would be 12 hours. Maybe even less if they are working longer hours and are not travelling during rush hour. What could you do with an extra three hours in the week? What does that reduction in commuting time offer your personal life? This gift of time is one of the huge benefits of a four-day week.

You will also have a n extra day in the working week to spend as you choose! You could spend this time perusing a hobby, spending time with family, or you could look into a new venture (like setting up an new ecommerce business for example). It is up to you what you do with the time you gain.

Health And Happiness

Recovery time is a huge part of life. How often do you get to reset and relax? An actual lay in or day to relax that little bit more could be a huge asset to your life. Stress and anxiety can be debilitating at work. However having extra head space for down time and to recharge is a big plus point. Who wouldn’t want an extra day off work every week? Being able to drop the kids off at school is wonderful for your connection with your kids. How would you like to go to the cinema in the middle of the day? Perhaps enjoy a walk through the park or meet a friend for a quiet coffee? Happiness and health are huge benefits of a four-day week.

Cons Of A Four-Day Week

Of course, there are always two sides to a story. With all these benefits, there are bound to be negative aspects to consider as well. The cons of a four-day week include longer working hours. This one is kind of obvious. If you are going to work five days over four days, your hours are going to be longer. This could lead to more stress and missing out on more family life. Yes you will get that fifth day back, but it might come at the cost of not putting your children to bed for the previous four nights. For some people, the traditional five day week might still be the better option.

Finally, the benefits of a four-day week may outweigh the cons but for some, it simply might not be possible. The world of business can be 24/7 these days so for some organisations the four-day week might not work. If it is possible though, there can be great plus points of the four day working week.

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