How To Build Relationships On the Go

Build Relationships

Knowing how to build relationships is important. But small business owners often ask if there are any fast ways to do this. The answer is yes, if you put your customers’ needs first instead of your own.

Get Rich Quick Schemes Never Work

Many new business owners are so excited at the idea of starting their own business and making money online that they don’t do their research to find out if they are planning to work in a profitable niche, with a steady supply of hungry customers willing to pay money for solutions that really work.

Get To Know Your Prospects

Take time to get to know your prospective customers. You can do this through what they are doing and saying online and where they are geographically located. Discover their typical age, level of education, income and gender.

There are several ways to do this. One is to ask, in a survey. However, people have become wary of giving away too much personal information.

Another is to go to the blogs, discussion boards and the forums they visit and learn about their ‘pain points’ and what they are struggling with the most in their niche. Then you can create content, both free and paid, that meets their needs.

Use Your Analytics

Once customers click on your site, you will be able to learn more about them. Google Analytics is a great source of information. If you don’t know how to use it, consider doing a course to get your head around it, as there’s a wealth of information on there.

Be More Mobile Friendly

Check your analytics to see how many people are consuming your content on mobile devices. Make sure your site or blog is mobile friendly. Track which are your main referral sites and prioritise them when it comes to marketing.

Create A Must-Have App

You might think there is an app for everything these days, but if you can come up with an app related to your business, that you are willing to update regularly with new features and data, your target audience can literally start to take you everywhere with them.

Use Their Location

If you are a bricks-and-mortar business, make the most of geo-targeting opportunities. Build out your profile at Google My Business and get loyal customers to write reviews.

You can also free SEO tools to help improve your site’s rankings.

Use Re-Targeting Software

Re-targeting will show your ad campaigns in a range of sites to try to get people to buy. For example, if you search online for Disney Cruises and then start to wander around the internet, you will soon see a range of ads for Disney cruises.

Connect with your target audience and build relationships while they are on the go. Using automation is useful, because you too are on the go. Try it and see what a difference it can make to your profits.

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