Helping Your Brand Fans To Share Their Experiences

Brand Fans

Many marketers spend so much time trying to build their brand and promote products that they lose sight of the fact that they are dealing with human beings. Every person has their own unique perspectives, opinions, motivations and stories to tell. And you need to make the most of these brand fans, as they can help you to accelerate your business.

Social Networking

One of the main reasons why social networking and blogging have taken off so rapidly in the past few years is that they offer unprecedented opportunities to share and connect, to hear and be heard.

Blogs have given a voice to those who never imagined they could create a gorgeous website. Social media has allowed people to connect in unique ways and new business and personal opportunities are opening up all the time.

Helping Your Brand Fans To spread The Love

Here are a few suggestions for helping your brand fans share experiences:

Create A Top-Notch Niche-Related Blog

A niche blog can soon become the focus of a great deal of niche activity, with a range of contributions from motivated users.


A blog is a useful tool. Not only can you use it to share information, but you could also allow guest bloggers to contribute.


Turn on the commenting feature on your blog and your YouTube pages. Just be prepared to moderate comments as needed.

Use Plugins To Create Special Features

One of the great things about WordPress is how many plugins they have that can help you transform your ordinary blog into a niche magnet. If there aren’t already discussion boards, forums and article banks related to your niche, use the available plugins to create them. Announce the new features to your email marketing lists and see how much user-generated content your fans will create.

Social Network Product Pages

Facebook is the ideal place to create special product pages where users can interact in relation to a particular product or service. Ask for reviews, hints and tips by real customers to help others. Create your own Frequently Asked Questions list and get your brand fans to contribute.

Give Fans Access To New Releases

Give your brand fans access to beta editions of your new releases. Let them take each new product for a test drive, so to speak, and give you feedback. You can then make adjustments as needed.

Ask For Reviews, Testimonials And Endorsements

Once they have tested the beta versions, ask them to review these items. The user gets to share their experiences and you get valuable marketing material.

Survey Your Audience Regularly

Brand fans should be able to share opinions and appreciate. They will also like the fact that you are taking the time to ask for their feedback.

Facebook Polls

Similar to surveys, asking your audience questions and using the responses they give as the foundation for your new marketing initiatives is important.


If there is no group on Facebook related to your niche, create one. In relation to your brand, create a closed group and issue invitations as needed.

Crowdsource Content

Get your audience to contribute content. You should give credit for outstanding contributions with a shout-out at the end in an acknowledgments section.

Share Stories

One of the most powerful marketing tools in the past couple of years has been marketing with stories. Storytelling is a very intimate human activity, as we share parts of ourselves with others.

All the stories will basically answer the same question: “How has your life changed for the better as a result of using the product?”

Tap into the needs of your niche with user-generated content and see what a difference it can make to your sales and brand perception.

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