Facebook Ads: The Benefits

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Facebook has more than two billion monthly active users, making it the biggest social media platform in the world. You’re probably already using Facebook in some capacity for your local business.

You may have thought about running Facebook ads but are unsure of how they work and do not know if they are worth the investment. The answer is yes. This article examines the benefits of running this type of social media campaign and what’s involved.

More People Will See It

If you run a business page, you may not even be aware that a very small percentage of your followers see your posts, the organic reach can be fairly low. It’s quite a harsh truth but one all the same. With Facebook already a platform you’re using, it makes sense to utilise its features for business. If you want your potential consumers to find out about your business and you use Facebook for marketing, you must use ads.

There is no need to have a big budget, but you do need one. You will actually tell Facebook what you’d like to spend on the ad, then they will try and get you as many results as possible within the budget. This can range from £5-£10 a week to thousands. More advanced ads will require a minimum spend, but you’ll be notified of this. It’s not about using the boost button, it’s setting up a targeted ad through the business account settings.

Audience Targeting

This is a very powerful tool, and you can target based on age, interests, demographics, location, etc. Facebook ads will intelligently identify who you should target and ignore those who wouldn’t be interested in your brand. It’s a campaign that instead of focusing on quantity and sheer numbers, focuses on the quality of its audience. The targeting capabilities of Facebook are probably what sets it apart from other advertising platforms. There are no other tools like these.

Objectives Matter

You can customise your ad according to what you want to achieve. And create ad campaigns around any kind of objective, whether engagement, traffic, website clicks, or page likes. Simply tell your Facebook ad and it will oblige. You can customise the ad to control how it looks and what the target audience sees. Additionally, Facebook will optimise the ad for maximum efficiency. Take your time to fulfill the brief as much as possible as branding is important. Use every tool available to you since Facebook will guide you through creating an ad step-by-step.

Call-To-Action Button

CTA buttons are most often used in digital ads that will take your audience to the site you want. People are then prompted to take action because they have to be told what to do. When they are told what to do, they are more likely to take action. Although it is a simple step, it makes a big difference in the performance of your ads. With button templates included within the ad template, you just have to decide which one works best for you. Also, think about what you’re hoping to achieve with such an ad. ‘Learn more’, ‘Book Now’, and ‘Sign Up’ are all popular options you can choose from.


Facebook’s analytic tools are excellent. You don’t need to do any work to get results. Everything you need to know about conversation rates, metrics on weekly reach, likes, conversions, clicks, and performance will be presented in an easy-to-understand format. You will be able to make necessary adjustments based on what you see when this level of detail is provided with your ad. These are excellent metrics.

Brand Loyalty

Most companies use their Facebook pages to build loyalty among their followers and create a sense of belonging. These pages can be used to build customer loyalty and brand awareness. Facebook ads allow you to interact with your audience. Interactions like these will strengthen relationships, which will then have a positive impact on business. People prefer two-way communication.

Facebook ads won’t produce overnight success. It takes trial and error, experimenting, consistency, and tweaking when necessary. Your Facebook ads will soon become a success when you learn the formula.

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