Evergreen Content And Why It Matters

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Evergreen content in simple terms is content that remains relevant long after you first publish. It’s not based on a timely event or a certain season of the year; evergreen content is designed to drive traffic to your website long after you publish. It should be an important aspect of your digital content strategy, and is great for SEO. Here’s why…

It Improves Site Traffic Over Time

Evergreen content can help your business grow by boosting traffic to your site long after you go live. It will stay relevant as visitors read and share whenever they come across it. Time sensitive content by comparison will be valuable to your website at the time of publish, but will have a limited shelf life in terms of relevance. This is often the case with podcasts that will generate the most interest at the time of release. Having a mix of both types of content is of vital importance. News articles, sports events, summer or winter-based blog posts and articles for example will fall into the time sensitive category.

It Has SEO Benefits

Evergreen content is great for search engine optimisation, so that your content starts to rank on search engine pages, like Google and Bing. There is no magic wand for quick results, but stay consistent and on brand and over time evergreen content will generate organic traffic to your website.

Evergreen Content Practices

You want to make sure you use SEO best practices for on-page optimisation every single time you publish a piece. Start off at first by researching your keyword. We’d recommend KeySearch for this. You’re looking for one per piece that has good search volume, but that is also easy to rank for. You’ll need to include alt text for images, and have your keywords feature in the title, URL, and body copy – but don’t overdo it! Also, linking together related evergreen articles into categories is a good idea.

Incorporating Evergreen Content Into Your Website

It’s great practice to brainstorm topics that will make relevant and appealing evergreen content for your audience. Topics that will forever make sense for your website. How-to articles, interviews, step-by-step guides that share expertise and cooking recipes are all great examples of types of evergreen content that you can generate for your website and that users are likely to draw upon time after time.

Evergreen Maintenance

There will be some aftercare needed with evergreen content overtime. It’s good practice to go over your articles and posts after they’ve been live a while and tweak accordingly. Set diary reminders so you do so. Hyperlinks may need updating for example. If you are referencing any statistics, make sure they are still accurate. Ask yourself whether images previously used need freshening up and a new look. You may want to add to the article in some way. Your readers as well as Google’s algorithm will benefit from this, since they will perceive the content as being well maintained and watered, which is positive for SEO.

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