Establishing Your Marketing Priorities

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Establishing marketing priorities is crucial to establishing and growing your business. It’s important to identify the type of marketing that will benefit your company at certain times. In doing this you will be able to focus and achieve the desired results. This article discusses the types of marketing that can generate results.

Know Your Audience

It’s important in any business to be aware, listen and deliver the needs of the customer. Knowing your target audience will ensure you can provide the products and services your customers want in order to maintain their loyalty. You should spend some time looking at the natural behaviours of your customer before any marketing campaign. How they interact, when they are online, products they favour. You can also look at local competitors to establish their targets and use to your advantage.

What is your USP? What can give you the edge against your competitors? Establish what these are. Examining demographic information is also helpful through social media platforms because you’ll get insight into age, gender, salary etc. It’s also important to know where your target audience lives, particularly if delivering items by post. It has to be sustainable. Many companies will create what is referred to as a buyer persona in the early stages of establishing marketing priorities. This will focus on all the traits of the ideal customer. Google Analytics is also a great tool to use to identify the demographic information of your audience.

Use Call To Actions

When you have gained insight into the behavioural patterns of your audience online, you can then target call to action campaigns in the form of newsletters and special email offers. For example, you could focus on customers that maybe haven’t used your products or services in the last six months and incentivise them to do so. This could be in the form of a freebie or a decent discount. It can be anything that’s going to prompt activity and then invite them to do so. These types of campaigns should always run at a time your audience is most active, so do the leg work first.

You want to avoid sending out marketing emails and offers that aren’t seen as helpful as this will disengage followers and could loose them and their engagement. It could also be a great idea to test your audience, so maybe offer half your audience a discount through an email campaign and the other a redeemable product and see which one is more successful. Again, gaining valuable insight continuously.

Social Media Focus

It can be tempting to be present across all social media platforms but this isn’t always the best marketing priorities strategy. You need to be where your audience is the most active and just concentrate on these one or two platforms initially. This will ensure that you can achieve your marketing goals. If you spread yourself to thinly across all social media then you’re likely to loose focus. Where your customers are most present might even surprise you. Surveys can also play an important role in finding out what your customers want and use that feedback to move forward. You’ll also want to look at social media scheduling tools so you can plan the right social activity and learn when to post.

Evergreen Content

Creating evergreen content is the best practice for SEO as search engines will continue to direct traffic to your website because the content will never age. It’s content that will stay relevant long after its published. When creating evergreen content it’s important to focus on your keywords, using tools such as KeySearch. The goal is to keep customers coming back to your website and dated, topical content will not do this for you. Remember you want to use keywords that are relatively easy to rank for and that have some monthly search volume. KeySearch use a traffic light system for this which is great for those starting out.

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