Employee Wellbeing In The Workplace

yoga in the workplace

We spend a third of our lives at work. That is a long time to be away from our families and loved ones. Many of us view our colleagues as extended family and see the importance of providing for our families at home by putting in long hours and hard work. Our jobs can be high pressured and put a lot of stress on our shoulders. Employers are turning their eyes towards the importance of employee wellbeing. Let’s have a look at why this is essential in the workplace.

What Is Employee Wellbeing?

Employee wellbeing is so important in our modern world of business. Wellbeing is fundamental to our health and happiness. A strong sense of wellbeing can help us to focus, overcome difficult, work towards goals. When we put time into our wellbeing, we can become the best possible versions of ourselves. Time away from work, time to reset and rejuvenate, a sense of importance in mental health and physical wellbeing from the top of the business will filter through to every staff member. Employee wellbeing should be high on the list of priorities in all businesses.

A Positive Working Space

When there is a welcomed push on employee wellbeing from the boss to the janitor, every employee will feel different in the office. Work is important, for sure, it is what brings money into the business and allows people to have a monthly salary. However, without a programme in place which promotes wellbeing, it feels like the business only cares about cash. The employees and staff members are the lifeblood of a business and should be priority. If they struggle, the business should rally behind them. If one falls, we all pick them up. This is teamwork and compassion at the highest, creating a positive and open working space.

If your staff work remotely, then you should check to ensure that home office setup is working. We had to upgrade our home to make sure our business could operate effectively.

Lower Stress

Thirdly, if you are working in a high stress job, perhaps one with short and important deadlines, stress relief is a must. Bosses need to see that there needs to be a way for employees to destress. This could be via a shorter working week, an on site massage service, a regular yoga class, or even promoting the importance of physical exercise with a gym membership.

If you have hybrid workers, or some of your colleagues work from home all of the time, then you could arrange virtual get-togethers and exercise classes. You shouldn’t let not being in the same place physically impact these types of activities taking place.  This is really important, because someone who is physically stressed, maybe with tension headaches of holding stress in their back, will not work as well.

You should also have a designated member of staff who can step in when there is stress and work together to ease any tension. When you lower stress, there can be a better focus on the job at hand.

Boost Morale

A focus on employee wellbeing will boost morale. When a staff member works for a company who puts his or her wellbeing high on the level of importance, they are more likely to stay at the business for longer. They will feel wanted, needed, appreciated and able to open up to their peers and bosses. A team with higher morale will work well together and produce better levels of work.

Employee Wellbeing Will Create A Happy And Healthy Workplace

A happier and healthier workplace is one we all want to be part of. Staff will enjoy working for the business, feeling like they make a real difference whilst being taken care of physically, mentally and financially. With an eye on employee wellbeing, the success of the business will find no ends. Furthermore, this can help employees thrive in the workplace. Good for the business, great for the staff.

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