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Compared to traditional PR, digital PR reaches more customers. By using online tools such as social media, SEO, and content marketing efficiently, online presence and influence can be greatly improved. When you have a strong online voice, you can reach the right market continuously round the clock. Plus, if you are conversing with the right audience, you’ll improve focus. And the possibility for brand news and updates to be shared by those already connected with you. The general reach suddenly grows much more productively and in your favour.

Digital PR Examples

Before the days when we didn’t spend nearly all our PR time online, public relations looked very different. It was all about securing interviews or feature pieces in relevant newspaper or magazine publication. The target audience was already there and waiting. Now, digital PR will incorporate powerful online strategies that we use in everyday life, such as social media.

Other examples of digital PR could include guest blogs, online takeovers with a publication that has a similar audience to what you’d like to tap into. You could work with ‘influencers’ who already have that strong social media reach, and will share your content for you. Online giveaways are also a great way to extend reach. As are guest podcasts or meme videos that have the potential to be shared and shared again. We live in a fast-paced world so digital PR has to keep up with that and move quickly, just as readers are.

Brand Growth

A successful and focussed digital PR campaign will have a strong impact in growing awareness and help your business stand out from the crowd. Before you take on such campaigns, you need to make sure you have a USP. There will always be a lot of competition online. So, know what would make you choose your business over competitors and run with it. If customers see you pop up enough, they are going to be intrigued and click onto your website to investigate. This is an opportunity to act upon and quickly. We tune out much faster online because of the sheer volume of choice of what to click onto next.

As soon as new customers click on, you need to invite a call-to-action (CTA). So, have that big discount for newbies the first thing potentials see and tell them ‘access the offer now’. Digital PR expands the authority in your niche so create a weekly newsletter with a topic of focus to grow your online voice, offer guest blogs to those publications on your radar. It’s about growing trust in your brand’s voice and these are all great ways to achieve that.

When you appear on sites that possess a high authority and that link back to your website (which guest posts will do), it will also improve your SEO rankings. Overtime this will increase natural traffic to your website. Just make sure any article or newsletter you create has a keyword focus that you have a shot of ranking for.

Best Examples

Online press releases serve the same purpose as traditional press releases mailed to large organisations in the past. The method of reach has just evolved from stuffing in envelopes. It’s also worth building good relationships with those that have influence online with your target audience. Even if it means a freebie or two. It will provide a good opportunity for backlinks from those high authority sites. Offer those interviews in any form you can. The more chances of your content being reshared, the better, especially if you appear on a podcast or video interview.

A digital PR campaign is simply a method for improving a client’s reputation and increasing their visibility among target customers. For more helpful reads on running successful digital PR campaigns, including building an email list from scratch and strategies for digital marketing on a budget, click here.



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