Client Meetings When Your Business Is Home Based

client meetings

Some companies have gone back to working from the office full time. But within the digital marketing industry, it seems that the majority are either solely home working, or they have a hybrid setup in place. The world has also opened back up, so it’s likely that you’re starting to see clients in person again. If you have decided to keep your setup home based, then you may be wondering where to meet your clients, as inviting them into your home office may not be possible. Let’s take a look at the options.

Meet Them At Their Premises

If your client does have an office location, than perhaps you could meet them there. You might actually find that your client prefers this. If you go to them, it will save them time, because you’ll be the person travelling. This will also demonstrate that you think the working relationship is worth travelling for.

If you have a few different clients to meet, then you could plan a day of meetings. But remember; this will only work if your clients are based within close proximity. After all, attempting to drive between Edinburgh and Birmingham on the same day could be troublesome!

Rent A Meeting Room

If you want to pitch a client, or you’re trying to close a major deal, then renting a meeting room may be your best bet. It will bring a sense of importance and professionalism to the meeting.

Since the pandemic, those that own office space have had to become much more flexible. This means that it’s easier to book ad hoc office space and meeting rooms. If the meeting is especially important, or you’re meeting a group, consider hiring space with an Executive Boardroom Table. This will mean that you have a place to privately sit and converse.

Take Them For Lunch

If you know your client well, or you’re just looking to have an informal catch up, then consider taking them for lunch. You could opt for a nice restaurant, near where your client is based, or take them somewhere appropriate near where you live.

Stick To Virtual Meetings Where You Can

If at all possible, it might be best to stick to having a virtual meeting. It is great to see your clients in person from time to time. However, as a nation, we have got used to conducting meetings virtually, so try to stick to that format if you can. That should reduce the number of in-person meetings that you need to have and save you time.

Meeting virtually will also reduce costs; as renting space, driving to your client’s office and wining and dining all costs money.

Ask You Client What They’d Prefer

Don’t be afraid to ask your client where their preference for meeting would be. You may think that an in-person meeting is needed, but perhaps your client disagrees. They may also have some ideas about a suitable location.

You Will Find A Solution

If your business is now ran from your home office, then arranging an in-person meeting might create a logistical issue. However, there are options available and you will find a soliton.

Try to keep in mind that millions of people are now home working. Having an office at home is the new norm, so don’t be put off sharing this information and discussing potential meeting spots with your clients.

Note: this is a collaborative post.

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