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Bright Fish Media_When to Post on Instagram

When To Post On Instagram

When to post on Instagram refers to knowing the best time for your posts to be seen by active followers because they are likely to be online. The period when you’re most likely to see comments and likes to your posts from an active audience, as well as connect with...
Twitter video

How To Use Video Marketing On Twitter

Video marketing is a huge part of the social media marketing world and Twitter isn’t immune to it. While it might not be as video-focused as Instagram or Facebook, there’s still a strong place for this kind of content on the platform. Let’s take a look at how to go...

5 Mistakes Marketers Make With Pinterest

One of the big problems with Pinterest is that there’s lots of well-meaning but not always accurate information out there.  That’s why experienced marketers turn to specific people to get the best information and be sure that they are following best practices.  There are also some really common mistakes that...