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Creating A Digital PR Strategy

To achieve strategy objectives for any business, such as building brand awareness and improving SEO performance, any online PR campaign and digital PR activity will contribute to the digital PR strategy. This article aims to help you get started. Research Nothing beats knowing your audience. Before you start building any...
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Virtual Events For Your Business

Virtual events bring people together online to interact in a virtual, online space rather than a physical location. Such events include online experiences, virtual conferences, and live streams. During the COVID-19 pandemic, when businesses had to adapt and work remotely, these types of events thrived. And, statistics indicate that their popularity...
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What Is AMP And It’s Importance

AMP was launched back in 2016 by Google and favoured by website giants including WordPress, Facebook and LinkedIn. Quite simply, AMP stands for the loading of accelerated mobile pages and refers to the speed of which the page loads. In using stripped down HTML code, it will deliver reliable content...