Build An Email List From Scratch

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Starting out in email marketing can seem like a long road. It can be difficult to figure out where to begin and what practices would work best for your brand in building such a database. Here we highlight some easy practices and tools you can use in order to build an email list from scratch in order to grow your business.

Use Audience For Instant Sign-Ups

Add a call to action to any upcoming blog post or landing page. You can do this fairly easily and quickly. Make the option available above the fold rather than below, encouraging readers to use it. A simple line to encourage signup is just right since your brand has a focus your reader already has some interest in. For example, ‘for more information on social media marketing, assess exclusive articles via our weekly newsletter here’.

Utilise Social Media Accounts

While building an email list might be new to you, chances are that you are already building a network through your social media accounts, and this can prove useful. Your followers already show interest in your brand. Although it may feel a tiny bit uncomfortable, you are presenting your readers with an option they may well want. A newsletter should be sent once a month at the very least and no more than once a week. If you’re just starting out, twice a month is a reasonable starting point, then weekly can be added later on. So you don’t repeat and turn readers off, be sure you have new information to share. Pitch signing up to your newsletter on your social accounts. You may be surprised how many readers take you up on it.

Personalise Call To Action

There is a good opportunity to include a personal call to action on every landing page and blog post. Just make sure it makes sense for your audience. Take a look at your website and figure out what could be relevant. Lists and checklists are free downloads that entice readers and can increase your email list. A free checklist download covering your blog post offers a great opportunity for new sign-ups for how-to guides. You can also use surveys, planners, courses and exclusive content to entice readers to join your email list. Words like ‘download’ or “access” work better then subscribe as you are highlighting a value to your reader and giving them an incentive to sign-up.


Pop-ups are presented to your readers or customers when they’re exploring your website. It can be a very effective method of capturing their attention. It’s important that you don’t turn readers off before they’ve even started browsing your website. So, it’s best to avoid pop-ups that appear as soon as the reader arrives on the site since this will feel like a restriction and may result in the reader clicking away.

Remember, it always needs to feel helpful and not a hindrance to the reader’s interest. When a reader is in a certain section of your site for a good 10-20 seconds, a pop up could appear with a toolkit or how-to guide as the selling point for why that reader should sign up for your database. Using a timed pop-up survey can also work well to build an email list if the timing is right and your reader spends some time on your website.

Run A Giveaway

Build an email list using this tactic is extremely effective. Additionally, it can work well for growing your email list over a short period. Giveaways are often time-sensitive and promoted through social media. A giveaway must appeal to your readers and be viewed as a valuable prize, otherwise they won’t enter. A reliable email marketing service is also essential. Mailchimp and ConvertKit are two examples. To build your giveaway, you will also need a contest builder – we recommend RafflePress. Having clear rules with your readers is imperative, as is following up after the event to thank them or provide them with a discount.

Consider tackling one suggestion at a time rather than trying them all at once. Then, over the course of a few months, you can see what works best for your company. Good luck.

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